Monday, December 7, 2009

Embracing Your Family Tree in Pottery Form

I had the wonderful assignment of creating a platter for a friend's family Christmas celebration. I've done this form of platter in the past (check with The Smart Gallery if you need one before Christmas), but, since I inscribe so many tree goblets for family gifts, I thought inscribing the platter would be great as well.
And, I love it!
How nice this would be with a set of tree goblets for weddings, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day!

Click on the picture for a close-up so you can see the family names (sorry if they're hard to read...they're upside down).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Work in Progress

Life seems to be a work in progress of late. Good news from accountant, bad news corporate attorney, items stolen from property, lessons learned in settling and managing estates, bank procedures and general government craziness! God seems to find strange ways to make us stretch and grow, and we're just trying to keep a sense of humor and honor Jo.

My studio stands fairly still, definitely a work in, those walls won't remain peach. They've been plastered a pattern and a deep chestnut glaze will turn it all a dark burnt orange. And the cabinet fronts (and shelves, and flooring) are missing. Nothing worked on here since summer.

Then there's the pottery, well, it's a work in progress too. If you prepaid for a special order, your work is on this counter. It's been bisque fired, cleaned up, signed, (stained if needed)washed and waxed. Glazing begins in a few minutes and the kiln should be loaded, fired and unloaded by Monday. If you just have a "special request" placed with me, like the January wedding and Mel's parents gift, you're probably in here too. Lanterns didn't make it this kiln load, sorry...but there is still a possibility of some before Christmas. It will be close, but I hope to fire one more time for family pieces.

Ah, family. Now that's a work in progress! But, worth all the challenges it brings. The larger our family circle grows, the harder the work and the greater the reward! Praying we all have time to slow down and enjoy that this season, our family and yours. Just be sure to keep up the good work!