Friday, July 23, 2010

Pottery Studio

The studio is finally done.
When we started this project, nearly 20 months ago, we didn't realize all of the life issues that would get in the way.

But, now, it's an easy place to just be. Wonderful windows and light, plenty of pot lights for late evenings, shelving and cabinetry to spare (today) and air conditioning...I even have running water again.

The only thing you can't see here is my wedging table and scales under the front window. The kiln area is in the next room - through the french door.

There is a double glass sliding door on the front leading to a small patio with table and chair - simply heaven. And flowers. Trees, flowers, grapevines and blueberry bushes...just through those doors. The only thing left to do is the pull-out bins in lower cabinets for glazes. And, that can wait. Right now I just want to create in this beautiful space...thanks, honey, for all the hard work!

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