Saturday, November 22, 2008

Handmade Stoneware Pottery Chalice and Paten - Communion Sets - by Little Bear Clayworks

Wow, how personal communion sets are. I had a custom request on Etsy and started thinking about the possibilities. I have spent much more time on these in the past and now my mind is reeling with new stylings, engravings and appliques I would love to try. Footed plates, lipped, bowled, all depends on what the body/bread looks like to you. Is it wafer or loaf? And my years of Bible teaching offer so many inscription ideas that would be fitting and pictoral ideas that could be interesting. So, my studio list is growing as I type this, and I pray God gives greater inspiration. It's a good thing Alan built up my fire before he left this morning, and I worked up clay balls for a dozen wine glasses late more cup of coffee and I'm gone for the day! (To order any of these, or custom, sets visit my Etsy webshop by linking at the top right of this page.)

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