Friday, December 5, 2008

Pottery Chalices in Progress....

Today is glazing day. Made easy because I have orders for particular colors and I don't have to decide (that generally takes as long as the process itself). I thought photos of works in progress would be cool. So, those waiting for communion sets will see yours in the bisqueware photo (top).
Then I thought, maybe works even earlier in the process would be interesting to some. So, my damp cabinet is full of greenware and I am adding photos of that as well. A set of the daiquiri glasses and one pitcher are special order pieces, but the rest is just me having fun! (Click on the photos for a close-up view.)
Now, I'm off to glaze everything in the Misty Forest combination (except the dogwood vase). The kiln should be lit by 2:00 and ready to open by late Sunday night or early Monday morning. Check back then to see your finished pieces!

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