Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God's Beautiful Creation, Farm Style

Mother called a few days ago to thank me for her veggie delivery
and, I must admit I was a little disappointed. She said, "Wow, you must have grown a different beet...we had some nice sized ones this time." Hmph. I grow my beets for the tops. Generally, I choose Big Top seeds and enjoy the greens with very little beet. Well, the last were pulled this morning (see picture) as well as the last of one patch of spinach (in my favorite baking bowl in the same picture). And, I intend to enjoy those beet greens steamed in a little cider vinegar. along with the beets that did seem to grow a little larger this year. But, I can deal with that.
I love farm life! Strawberries have been frozen this morning, and dill is nearly dry - having been dehydrated in my oven and having filled my house this morning with the most wonderful odor! (Want to try that - fine herbs dry quickly in your oven when set to the convection setting at 150-175...just open the door every 15 minutes or so until you have no moisture left! Time depends on the herb. This is also the way I dehydrate my tomotoes.) Lavender will by drying by day's end and the fridge is full of salad stuff, snow peas, carrots and the like. This time of year I visit the grocery store very rarely! PTL!
I love that the Song of Solomon refers to My Beloved as He with cheeks of balsam - banks of sweet-scented herbs. With lips of lilies, dripping with liquid Myrrh. He knew all of us couldn't relate to the gold and ivory that describe Him so often. But, here, on the farm, I can relish in this creation He shares with me and thank Him that He is like the best of His beautiful creation!
Sorry, the lilies are in bud, but not bloom...but the roses - now that's another story! Ahh, farm life!
Okay, the sun is high. Off to feed the chickens the scraps from the morning (they love the garden, too), and hit the pottery studio! More work to be done....

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